Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Virginia Theological Seminary Visit

Virginia Theological Seminary

Today I went on a tour of Virginia Theological Seminary. I tell you, this school has it together. The program is so centered around the student, community and a close-knit with faculty that it’s almost impossible to fail. I think a lot about community and ho incredibly important it is in spiritual formation and acceptance. While I am so committed to community I also think it’s hard to find a way to couple a “fun community” with a deep relationship and solid learning. Moving from simply joining in to actually taking part and giving back. VTS seems to really have that together.

Even the day visit was really well planned and executed.  We each had one tour guide (I ended up with two actually).  The morning prayer, class selections, small group organization and lunch (yes, even lunch) was all executed superbly.  I have never been on a better college visit and, if I could go right now, I'd be a VTS student.

As a side note.  At lunch I met a priest from Liverpool England who was doing a 4 week tour of different places to help support the Episcopal church and to see how others are accomplishing mission.  Colin was a really great and interesting person.  I am so blessed to have been able to share lunch with him, to the point where I was late to my next session.  It was entirely worth it and I do hope God calls Colin to become the arch-deacon in Wales and really gets to fulfill his dream of leading people in life-changing missions.  He's certainly in my prayers.


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