Monday, February 28, 2005

30 Hour Famine, and my first post

Okay, I've giving this a shot. Who knows if I'll ever keep it up, like I need something else to do in my life. But hey, if people are interested, I might as well tell them something, right?

Right now I'm still recovering from the 30 Hour Famine we had at church. It was really great, even if people got incredibly crabby sometimes. But what do you expect, 30 hours (some went almost 50) without eating, plus getting at most 4 hours of sleep. I'm only glad this year I didn't have a car accident like I have the other two years.

But this really was an awesome time. Each person wrote 1,318 marks (one did smiley's, hearts and other things, another spelled words) on a roll of paper, to make up the 29,000 kids (yeah, kids, not everyone) who die of hunger a day. It's pretty scary seeing that sheet.

We also went to a soup kitchen in DC. It was pretty amazing to make up so many sandwiches and lunches. The only complaint I know of was that everyone volunteers to help around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and the Famine Weekend. So we're going to help them out some other weekend when they really need it.

But, all I can say about the weekend is simply this. I work with the MOST AMAZING people ever. I mean, there were 24 people under the age of 18 there, and each one made a difference in the world this weekend. And they'll do anything to help others, I just can't explain what a gift from God each of them are.

So, that's about it for now. Have a great day enjoying the snow. I still can't believe they closed school and it didn't even start snowing until 11. Dumb DC area.

I leave you with the words from Queen of the Zombies (Joan of Arcadia):

Stop your fighting,
End this war
Look upon your friends
Don't you know the reason why
You called us back again.


Night is long and getting longer
there's darkness from above
and hate is strong but love is stronger
we are alive as long as we love

for every moon must have its shadow
every noon its night
when will you realize
were are your children
wont you let us share your life

we are your children,
wont you let us share your life
(we are your children)
let us share your life.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
When will you see we're made of the same stuff

We're not flesh we are not blood
but can't you see, we are Love
We are love.

Share your love.


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